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This model is a combination between the "B&W MixOne" PAD and the "B&W One" REWINDER. The PAD has a "Smooth" Finishing with a Black Base and White wings; the Black coating covering has a coefficient of abrasion resistance (Martindale) greater than 20,000. This model is equipped with a wings closure mechanic made of Snaps Buttons, with Black Enamelled heads and Brass-Colored Interior. The Stitchings are Black on base and on coating, while White on the wings. Inside the wing you can find White Female Velco. The REWINDER is characterized by a White Mast; a Black Frame with White Covers and on them you can find a Black Logo. The Stop Button is Black like its Location. The String and the Ball are also Black.

Data sheet

Real Leather
Fabric 100% Polyester
Snaps Bottons
PC (Polycarbonate)
0 - 95 cm
7,5 cm
2,5 cm
Ø 4,0 cm
Min 0 - Max 10
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