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Black Latex


This model is a combination between the "Total Latex" PAD and the "Total Black" REWINDER. The PAD has a "Smooth" Finishing with a Black Latex Base and Wings; the Black coating covering has a coefficient of abrasion resistance (Martindale) greater than 20,000. This model is equipped with a wings closure mechanic made of Snaps Buttons, with Silver Polished heads and Silver Polished Interior. The Stitchings are Black on base, on coating and on the wings. Inside the wing you can find Black Female Velco. The REWINDER Components are all Black.

Data sheet

Real Leather
Fabric 100% Polyester
Snaps Bottons
PC (Polycarbonate)
0 - 95 cm
7,5 cm
2,5 cm
2,5 cm
Ø 4,0 cm
Min 0 - Max 10
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