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It all started one day when I noticed my velvet jacket was getting ruined on the left shoulder. I realised that this had been caused by the friction created by the safety belt of my car. At first I tried to solve the problem with one of the many belt covers available on the market, but I immediately found problems. Indeed, when installing the sheath onto the belt, it would not rewind properly and I had to guide it and rewind it by hand every time, which became cumbersome each time I got in or out of the car. Initially the idea was only to innovate and improve this car accessory, but I didn’t stop there. Thinking about the problem, I realised that the discomfort and friction was caused not only by seatbelts, but also by many other everyday items such as shoulder straps and belts.

I expanded the idea and decided to design and create various innovative products and accessories, for all those, like me, who don’t want to damage their clothes, yet offering maximum comfort without sacrificing style.

The Mission of OvoJack is to ensure comfort and functionality to every small daily action or movement that our clients may make. Driving, travelling, carrying a bag, going to the gym, or simply walking will be more practical, comfortable, and relaxing using our products, with a sensation of wellbeing and comfort.

OvoJack products are the result of the work of many people who create and produce in synergy. With effort and passion we offer an all Italian line that guarantees the best development and quality for all our products.

Our Vision is to transmit the philosophy of “Being Comfortable” (“Stay Comodo”), seen as a condition of well-being, to be experienced at all times, improving the quality of our daily lifestyles.