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  1. Which vehicles can “Salvagiakka” be installed onto?

It can be installed on all motor vehicles, cars, busses, minibuses and trucks that have a minimum space of 15 cm (maximum dimensions of the re-winder) above the point where the belt enters the upright for rewinding) and a minimum distance of 20 cm (maximum dimension of the sheath) between the rewind point and the ring that hooks the device onto the safety belt.

  1. Will driving with the “Sheath” on the belt affect safety?

No, it has been proven that in the case of non serious accidents like slight collisions between vehicles, the cover absorbs the impact by distributing the weight and pressure of the belt along the greater surface of the body, therefore decreasing the so-called “safety belt impact injury”.

  1. Does installing the “Salvagiakka” in my car make me liable for fines?

No, as the device, when installed correctly, does not alter or obstruct the correct operation of the safety belt as per Art. 172 paragraph 11 of the road traffic code.

  1. Where must I place the “rewinder” support?

Before positioning the support in its definite position above the rewind point in your vehicle, it is advisable to try out various positioning points to make sure that the rewinder is in the best possible position in the vehicle as each motor vehicle has different spaces and different uprights. Be sure the measure the distances correctly!

  1. How can I position the “Rewinder” in the best possible position?

Use the double sided tape to fix it inside the vehicle. Thoroughly clean the area where the round fixing support will be positioned. It is advisable to install it at mild temperatures: neither too cold (below 15 °C) nor too hot (above 30 °C), this will encourage the best fixing possible; press the round support for about 1 minute and do not try to remove it once it has been positioned. Wait 45/50 minutes in order to have the best hold for the double-sided tape; it will then be possible to connect the rewinder to the support and use it with the sheath and the safety belt.

  1. Can I remove the “Rewinder” once it has been installed?

It is possible to remove the double-sided tape by forcefully removing the support from the upright; if this does not work then warm it up with an external source of hot air (like a hair drier) and lift it off using a flat lever (like a spatula) taking care not to damage the interior of the vehicle.

  1. Is the “Sheath” universal?

Yes, it fits onto all the safety belts on the market, and all the adjustable belts from 5 cm to 3 cm in width such as gym bags shoulder straps, guitar straps or computer bags.