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About Us


OvoJack® is a registered trademark belonging to the company MAM s.a.s., holder of the patent for invention. This patent obtained a large subsidy from Regione Emilia-Romagna which allowed the ideas of the company to be developed and realised.


Not only a great idea

The OvoJack trademark is one of many small businesses specialising in “Made in Italy” products, examining and checking first hand all the work phases from design to production. Careful research and the fulfilment of the most demanding requirement have allowed the development and realisation of a winning idea starting from the understanding that a safety belt is useful and important albeit uncomfortable and irritating. This has led to the creation of an innovative product that can solve and overcome the many discomforts experienced with the use of safety belts. OvoJack has created a range of products able to solve the many problems encountered in daily life, with an entirely Italian style and production.

Our products

  • OvoJack “the full optional jacket protector”: the only belt sheath that has an innovative dual extension regulation system that guarantees complete freedom of movement without compromising the correct operation of the safety belt. The synergy between the re-winder and the sheath eliminates all the potential discomforts caused by the safety belt. This new product is extremely versatile and can be customised according to one’s own style. It can be used by both the driver and the passenger, transforming the wearing of the safety belt into a pleasant experience for all.
  • OvoJack “the re-winder”: the characteristics of the special ovoid re-winder allows adjusting the position of the sheath on the belt and keeping it unchanged.
  • This means not having to reposition the sheath or the belt while driving, or each time one gets into or out of the car, due to the active and passive adjustment systems. It can be used in any vehicle and adapts fully to the sheaths already available on the market. It also helps the belt to re-wind back into position in particular when the rewinding system is weakened or does not work very well. The special re-winder removes the need to manually “help” the mechanical system to re-wind the belt.
  • OvoJack “the sheath”: is carefully designed and made by hand. The finishes are not only aesthetically pleasing but are also practical and functional for use and to safeguard clothing. It differs from the other covers available on the market due to its original design that matches valued materials and finishes, highlighting its attractive and unmistakable appearance.

OvoJack® products are made entirely in Italy. They are designed, manufactured and packaged in Italy fully compliant with the “Full Made in Italy” concept as stated in art. 16 law 166 of 2009 (Decree-law 135, 25 September 2009 - Italian Parliament).