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Enjoy Your Style


With experience and intuition, people learn to choose and transform small daily actions into comfortable habits. OvoJack started with the need to improve the quality of small actions by adding the elegance, practicality and comfort of simple and original products to one’s own personal style. The idea was to make the safety belt less anonymous. This led to the creation of a range of products that are comfortable and can satisfy both practical and aesthetic needs, as well as being a new car accessory. The innovative rewinder helps with the natural movement of the belt, improving dynamics while driving. The exclusive sheath is a versatile accessory with an original style, ideal to personalise shoulder straps and more. The continuous friction, often causing discomfort and irritation, and generated by repeated movements, will be reduced or neutralised. Your car, bag, belt or shoulder strap will never be the same again, with OvoJack! Stay Comodo! Be Comfortable!